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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision a collaborative community where students are prepared for college and careers in the 21st Century. Through ongoing professional development, review of various data, monitoring, and collaboration, the students are provided with instructional, academic, and behavioral/social strategies to match their specific needs. Successful learners will be able to access information through the appropriate use of written, oral and technological resources, and will be able to demonstrate proficiency according to State and District standards.

Our Mission Statement

We are a collaborative learning community, where students, parents, and staff work together to achieve the common goal of fostering productive and responsible citizens in the 21st Century who are college prepared and career ready. We are committed to providing experiences that will enable all children to learn and develop cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through rich, varied experiences that will accommodate their unique and individual learning styles. Our school stakeholders will work together to nurture academic excellence and social responsibility while implementing State and District grade level standards.